A Touch Of The Wild

Exploring Nature, Finding Yourself

Mountain and Forest Immersion Events in Japan, Yamagata-ken, Oguni-machi

If you are looking for a new and genuine connection with nature,
exploring and sharing the wilderness with others,
playing just outside your comfort zone,
then you are looking for a touch of the wild.

On this journey, you will learn the basic, primitive bushcraft skills to
thrive in nature.
You will encounter and reconnect with your true self and emotions.
You will connect with others as well as genuine nature. You will gain strength, power and confidence in your everyday life
knowing that you are able to face your fears.


Cédric Blattner (CH)

Nature is the biggest source of inspiration and excitement in my life. Being able to share it with you and your friends is even more exciting.
From my home town in Switzerland, I've learned the work of mountain leading and survival skills.
Curiosity and humor are my best two qualities. I'm still looking for my faults ;-)
I can hold the sessions in French, English and German. I'm working on my Japanese right now.
I've been living in Oguni-machi for now almost 4 years. I've got a lot to share from the woods but I've also got so much more to discover from it's secrets.
Come over and let me give you a blink of the wild and untouched Japanese nature.
The wilderness has a lot to share with you. Let me help you listen to what it wants to say.

Yas Takahashi (JP)

Embark on a journey to discover the enchanting wilderness of Oguni, Yamagata, where the touch of nature has always been the essence of my joyous life. Born and raised amidst the lush forests, I owe my deep appreciation for the wild to my father, a constant source of inspiration. He ignited my passion with countless camping and fishing adventures, creating cherished memories that linger in my heart.Now, as the torchbearer of my own family, my greatest pleasure lies in sharing the bounties of nature that shaped my childhood. The joy of experiencing the wilderness together has woven a tapestry of beautiful moments that define our family bonds.I invite you to join me in the untamed beauty of Oguni, where you can immerse yourself in the same sense of wonder and connection that has fueled my lifelong love affair with the great outdoors. Let's create new memories, embrace the call of the wild, and revel in the pure, unbridled pleasure of nature's embrace. Your adventure in Oguni awaits – come and experience the magic!

Weekend Survival - BASIC LEVEL

Overnight in a Tent, Cooking on Fire


2 days and 1 night

Guide: Cédric Blattner

Language: English
and Japanese

One night and two days in the middle of the forest is a transformative experience.You will reconnect with yourself by:
- learning how to recognize and pick edible plants,
- making a fire and cooking on it,
- carving wooden spoons, or
- trying other bushcraft skills.
There will also be free time to spend relaxing in the woods or together with friends around the fire.My work will be to lead you on the path of excitement and wonder. Showing you the plants, showing and teaching the skills, listening to you.By the end of the journey, you'll have become intimate with the forest and all of its surprises and energy.These experiences will give you the strength to live your life plentifully.* 1-2 people per tent.

DateLocationOpen SpotsPriceReservation
13th-14th of April 2024Oguni machi8/10JPY 12’900Contact
20th-21th of April 2024Oguni machiFullJPY 12’900Closed

Weekend Survival - INTERMEDIATE

Overnight in a Shelter YOU Build


3 days and 2 nights

Guide: Cédric Blattner

Language: English and Japanese

This stage is designed for those who want a deeper connection with the forest.
It will bring you outside of your comfort zone and make you into a stronger you.
The first and second days will be spent making your own natural shelter from wood, leaves, and other natural resources. A tent will hold you over for the first night.You will forage your food by hand and cook it on your own handmade fire.The experience of sleeping and eating so close to the natural elements is life-changing.My work here focuses on each building project. It goes deeper into the building techniques as well as deeper into the personal and individual support.Being able to face the fears of the deep night, the noises of the forest and the shadows of the fire will give you the strength to strive in your everyday life.

DateLocationOpen SpotsPriceReservation
27th-29th of April 2024Oguni machi8/8JPY 28'000Contact
4th-6th of May 2024Oguni machiFULLJPY 28'000Closed

Trekking and Sharing

Overnight in a Mountain Hut


Guide: Cédric Blattner

Language: English and Japanese

In small groups, we hike up the most famous and rewarding summits of northern Japan: Iide san, Ooasahi and Koasahi, Kumanodake, Chookai san, Mount Zao... The names are like a song, the experience of the walk itself is a poetry.We carry our food, cook on the gas stove but sleep in the mountain huts. That gives us the chance to meet other people on the way, to share some time with them while drinking a tea or watching the sun rise.We spend the day walking from 5 to 8 hours depending on the trek. When not walking, we are relaxing in the stunning Japanese highest mountains, watching birds, smelling the scent of the wild grass, touching the "wild" with our fingertips.My work is to show you the way as well as taking care of you and your security. Your work is to walk and carry your bag, but above it all, to enjoy and open up yourself to the experience of pure freedom.

DateLocationOpen SpotsPriceReservation
13th-15th of July 2024Iide San, Oguni-machi5/6JPY 35'900Contact
20th-21st of July 2024Ooasahi, Asahi-machi6/8JPY 19'900Contact

The Art of Fire Making

Learn the primitive skills of fire lighting


Guide: Cédric Blattner

Language: English and Japanese

Lightening a fire is one of the oldest technology used by our ancestors. Some say it the beginning of the civilisation. It brought mankind from the status of the beast to the human being.
Being able to reproduce some of those primitive techniques is an experience that bring us to the basics and fundamentals of ourself.
We start the day with "the challenge of the fire" before going deeper into the theory of the fire techniques. The rest of the day is dedicated to learning, experimenting and improving the skills.Lunch will be imoni (芋煮) warmed and cooked on one of the fire we would be making.This one day course is a unique chance to learn the fire primitive bushcraft skills in a warm, friendly and convivial environment.

DateLocationOpen SpotsPriceReservation
13th of April 2024Oguni machi8/10JPY 6'500Contact
14th of May 2024Oguni machiFULLJPY 6'500Closed

Wooden Spoon Carving

Learn the art of spoon carving
with a knife


Guide: Cédric Blattner

Language: English and Japanese

One of the techniques frequently used in bushcraft is the carving of wooden objects such as spatulas, spoons, bowls, etc. This workshop is open to beginners who wish to learn the technique of carving a spoon or spatula from wood.We start with a short walk to each find a piece of green wood in the forest, which will be used to create our objects. After a brief theoretical session on safety, tool handling, wood, and its work, everyone works at their own pace on their personal project – a spoon or spatula for the children.We are there to guide you in the technique and understanding of wood. Creating everyday use objects with your own hands is a personally satisfying activity. It allows you to reconnect with yourself and the present moment.

DateLocationOpen SpotsPriceReservation
13th of April 2024Oguni machiFULLJPY 2'800Closed
14th of May 2024Oguni machi8/10JPY 2'800Contact

Oguni Summer Camp

Overnight in a Tent


5 days and 4 nights

Guide: Cédric Blattner

Language: English and Japanese

Camping, Adventure, Community Life!We will spend 5 days camping in the green mountain of Oguni, Yamagata-ken.Through forest activities, children will learn to embrace the most exciting part of life: living and sharing together.Children will bond with the wilderness and one another through
- Bushcraft activities,
- Games,
- Bird watching,
- Cooking on a fire,
- Building a tree house,
- Insects hunting and plants picking, - Land Art and
- Free time to spend together.
By having fun together in collaborative activities, children will learn to live together in a new environment by setting rules, expressing and listening to one another's needs.Parents will bring their children at the camping spot the morning of the 29th. They will take their children back the afternoon of the 2nd.

DateLocationOpen SpotsPriceReservation
July 29th - August 2nd 2024Oguni, Yamagata10/12JPY 39'000Contact

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